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Chandanpura, Bhopal- 462016, Chandanpura, Bhopal, 462016
About Us
Vidyaya Vindate Amratam At The Sanskaar Valley School, we believe in harnessing the inborn potential of every child and empowering him with knowledge. And if there is joy in learning and happiness in gaining knowledge, it will remain with the soul forever. About School At The Sanskaar Valley School, we believe in harnessing the inborn potential of every child and empowering him with knowledge. And if there is joy in learning and happiness in gaining knowledge, it will remain with the soul forever. The Sanskaar Valley School believes in providing an environment to nurture all those who aspire to achieve the highest levels of distinction in academic and personal growth by making learning an enjoyable and life-long experience. About us - Motto And Mission VIDYAYA VINDATE AMRATAM At The Sanskaar Valley School, we believe in harnessing the inborn potential of every child and empowering him with knowledge. And if there is joy in learning and happiness in gaining knowledge, it will remain with the soul forever. The Sanskaar Valley School believes in providing an environment to nurture all those who aspire to achieve the highest levels of distinction in academic and personal growth by making learning an enjoyable and life-long experience. About us - From the Director It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to The Sanskaar Valley School. Committed to upholding a child-centred ethos, we seek to set new standards in education and look ahead with confidence for future achievements. As a parent, you aspire to provide best education for your child, coupled with a deep -rooted foundation built of skills and enduring values. At The Sanskaar Valley School, we identify with this feeling and strive to provide a learning environment that inspires children to reach their full potential. While our approach to learning is progressive, we stay deeply rooted in the timeless traditions of our proud culture. Thus, teaching children traditions for a better tomorrow. At The Sanskaar Valley School, the focus of education will be to nurture creativity, heighten observation, and encourage independent thought. Children here will progress and succeed globally as values of compassion, tolerance, appreciating of diversity, building of confidence and self esteem will be instilled at an early age. We understand the importance of technology and have ensured that state-of-the-art facilities are provided for the children. The technologies will be constantly evolving on our campus. We stand committed to providing quality education to all students, thus making this centre of learning the choice for all those who care about learning. Intended to be both residential as well as day boarding, we welcome you and your child to The Sanskaar Valley School. Your support would ensure an enlightened generation of Indians emerging from The Sanskaar Valley School. Director Jyoti Agarwal About School - Board Of Governance Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal - Chairperson Mr. Sudhir Agarwal - Treasurer Mr. Kumarmanglam Birla Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Mr. Shekhar Gupta Mrs. Jamila Singh Mr. Aneil Mahajan Mr. Jayant Mishra Mrs. Abha Adams Mr. Sumer Singh Mr. Jayant H.H.Lal - Ex Officio, Secretary Beyond Academics - CoCuricular Activities We actively encourage lateral thinking through a host of co-curricular activities for our students at the SanskaarValley school. The hobbies we cultivate as children enrich our lives as adults. Thus the students are exposed to a variety of activities like music, drama, dance, design, sculpture, fine arts, woodwork, and more. Students form clubs and societies, have STA (Spare Time Activities) and choose the activity of their preference for specialization. The school also encourages students to appear for grade examinations conducted by reputed bodies like Indra Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh in Music and Dance, Elementary and Intermediate Examination conducted by the Directorate of Art- Maharashtra & J.J. School of Arts, and participates in prestigious events like the Mathematical Olympiad, Albert Barrow Essay Writing Competition, the National Talent Search and State and National Level sports competitions. The school is a regional Member of The Round Square Organization and student delegates participate proactively in activities and projects of the Round Square Organization. Besides, the children also enrich experience through the school’s Student Exchange Programme . The library of The Sanskaar Valley School contains over 8000 books in various fields and subjects. It also has magazines and journals from all over the country. Beyond Academics - P.E The need for a sound mind in a sound body is known to all of us. For overall developement of students, involvement in acitivities such as sports is important alongwith academics. The Sanskaar Valley School provides sports facilities in the form of two large green playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, squash courts, badminton courts and a 400 metre running track. Coaching is also given for Taekwondo. The sports field would serve as an extension of the classroom that provides the nurturing grounds for trials, tribulations and adventure so important in the process of growing up. Team sports like cricket, football and basketball develop leadership qualities and encourage teamwork and cooperation, whereas individual sports like tennis, squash, badminton, skating and swimming aim at developing responsible personal behaviour. Building of self- confidence in students will be achieved through adventure sports and by exposing them to techniques to handle emergency and relief operations. Students are encouraged to play and participate in all of these activities on a rotation through the year. Swimming and Athletics are compulsory for all. Children select one team sport from basketball, cricket and Soccer and One individual sport for from Skating, tennis, taekwondo, squash and badminton for specialization. Beyond Academics - Special Programmes SOCIALLY USEFUL & PRODUCTIVE WORK The Sanskaar Valley School student is encouraged to become a compassionate citizen with strong social responsibilities. Hence, children are involved in community service from their formative years. The school takes up eco- friendly initiatives like paper recycling, waste management, and tree plantation drives to inculcate respect for mother nature and foster a healthy connection with planet earth. Contributions of food and clothing are encouraged, as a part of festival celebrations at school and field trips through outreach programs of NGOs will expose students to life outside school. Students engage in a plethora of crafts and skills including First Aid certified by The St. John’s Ambulance organization, Child Literacy, Best Out of waste, Gardening and Estate Care, Publications, Social Service, Needlecraft, Notice Board Upkeep etc during SUPW on a weekly basis. CHECK IT OUT This programme will introduce performing arts to students by bringing artistes to school for a series of lectures, demonstrations and interactive sessions with students. This would familiarize students with hard work, dedication and single mindedness required to excel in any field. This would also help students understand their area of interest as well. SPIC MACAY A society promoting classical music, dance and art among young people. Eminent artistes will be invited to perform at school and hold workshops for children. GREEN BRIGADE Would be a group of keen environmentalists who would take up environmentally friendly initiatives. VERMICULTURE Is a simple, efficient and environmentally friendly technique to convert waste into valuable organic manure. Students would be involved in this at an early age. WORLD WILDLIFE FUND FOR NATURE Runs sensitisation programmes and students would be encouraged to express their concerns for wildlife conservation. INTACH Students would participate in the conservation and preservation programmes led by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. DEAR TIME: drop everything and read- This is a programme in which we encourage students to discover the wonders of the written word. 15 minutes are kept aside every day when everyone at school will get down to reading. Admissions - Admission Policy The Sanskaar Valley School is a secular, non-denominational and liberal Institution. It seeks to admit students who are keen to imbibe the values and skills embedded in our mission statement. There will be no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, color, region, sex or economic status. So long as the child and his family seek good education as enshrined in our policy, the child is entitled to admission in The Sanskaar Valley School. We are a co educational school and thus seats in every section will be reserved for at least 40% boys or girls i.e. in a class of 28 students there will be AT LEAST 12 boys and 12 girls. While we would like to admit all those who apply for admission, paucity of vacancies compels us to do selections. The process of this selection is given below. Naturally, every applicant must satisfy all the conditions with regard to other formalities, which have already been defined. PROCEDURE: Admissions to The Sanskaar Valley School will be from Classes Neev 1 (KG 1) to Class IX. Each section in ALL the classes is limited to 28 students. 1. Every child must either purchase a REGISTRATION FORM along with the prospectus or download a REGISTRATION FORM from our website. In case the form is downloaded, then a DD for the prescribed amount must accompany the form when it is being submitted. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will registration be done without receipt of the due amount. 2. On receipt of the registration form and on completion of all the due formalities, the child will be registered for admission to The Sanskaar Valley School. The date of registration may play a role in the event of a tie between two applicants. 3. For admissions to Aadhar (the pre primary section) the procedure is as follows: 1. The child along with the parents will be invited to a brief meeting with the Director / Head of Aadhar where the two sides will interact. This interaction will determine whether the parents are involved with the upbringing of the child, and whether they will be able to participate with the school in the holistic education of the child. 2. The child will also be observed to gauge whether he has developed adequate social and other skills to be able to handle himself independently in a school. 3. At the conclusion of this meeting, the school authorities will make an assessment and determine whether or not a seat should be offered to the child. 4. A list will be prepared in order of registration date and merit. Thereafter an offer of admission will be made through a formal letter. 5. In case an offer of admission is declined, then that vacant seat will be offered to the next child on the merit list. This criterion will be strictly followed. 6. The formalities to be followed next have already been prescribed. 4. For admission to classes II to VIII the procedure is as follows: 1. Each child will be tested in four subjects viz. English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. The test will be conducted concurrently for each subject. While classes II to IV will have a relatively small test, class V upwards will be tested more formally. The scripts will be marked confidentially by staff specially deputed by the school. The marks will then be tabulated by the Principal. 2. In addition to this test, all the parents will be invited to interact briefly with the Principal. 3. Based on the test and a successful meeting of the parents with the Principal, a merit list will be prepared and the top few (depending on the number of vacancies) will be offered admission to the school. 4. In case an offer is declined, then the vacant seat will be offered to the next in line on the merit list. This criterion will be strictly followed. 5. The formalities to be followed next have already been prescribed. Rules: 1. Only 28 children are permitted per section. 2. In the day school, there will be 3 sections per class. 3. Admissions will NOT be done in classes 9, 10 11 and 12 – under normal circumstances. 4. There will be at least 12 boys / girls in each section. 5. For classes II upwards, a candidate MUST score at least 50% marks in the written test to be able to qualify for admission. In case all the seats are NOT filled up, then the policy of the school is that those seats will remain vacant till a suitable candidate is found. 6. In the case of seats in the reserved category (if any), each candidate will HAVE TO score at least 50% marks to qualify for admission. 7. The school management can consider partial / full scholarships for candidates who 1. score at least 80% in the entrance exam and 2. whose parents have an annual income less than 2 lakhs per annum. This scholarship would be on an annual basis and is renewable every year. A comprehensive scholarship policy is being made separately. NOTE: 1. Registrations would remain open throughout the year. For the admission under question, the registration process would cease 24 hours prior to the test. For Aadhar, registration will cease 48 hours prior to the meeting. 2. The syllabus for the test will be available from the office or on the school’s official 3. Admissions for the session would close on July 15 every year. 4. Admissions for Aadhar would be in the third week of November every year. 5. The entrance exam for the other classes would be held on the last Saturday of November and the 1st Saturday of December every year. 6. All answer scripts would be marked and marks tabulated by 10th December. 7. The admission test results would be displayed by December 15. 8. The admission process should be completed by February 15 of each year so that uniforms and textbooks etc. can be arranged on time. Director Admissions - Admission Procedure The completed registration form with all the relevant document has to be submitted at the school office at Chandanpura. A receipt will be issued upon submission of the registration form. Registration forms will be screened and candidates will be intimated by post or telephone regarding the time and date of the observation / assessment for pre-primary classes. A class-appropriate written test in English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Studies will be conducted for classes II to VIII. Results will also be posted on the school bulletin board and the school web site and qualifying candidates will be informed individually by post regarding the offer of admission. The admission fee has to be deposited within 10 days of issue of offer letter, failing which the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list. All applications need to be addressed to: The Director, The Sanskaar Valley School, Chandanpura, Bhopal. Admissions - Age Requirement Children born between the dates shown against their respective classes would be eligible for admission. KG I 3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs KG II 4.5 yrs to 5.5 yrs CLASS I 5.5 yrs to 6.5 yrs CLASS II 6.5 yrs to 7.5 yrs CLASS III 7.5 yrs to 8.5 yrs CLASS IV 8.5 yrs to 9.5 yrs CLASS V 9.5 yrs to 10.5 yrs CLASS VI 10.5 yrs to 11.5 yrs CLASS VII 11.5 yrs to 12.5 yrs CLASS VIII 12.5 yrs to 13.5 yrs Admissions - Fee Structure FEE SCHUDULE Day School (2010-2011) Part I During Admission K.G - I II - IV V - VIII IX-X XI Admission Fee (Non Refundable) 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 Caution Deposit (Refundable) 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 Admission Processing Fee 500 500 500 500 500 Part II Monthly Charges K.G - I II - IV V - VIII IX-X XI Tution Fee 2420 2620 2750 3000 3500 Activity Fee 410 410 410 410 410 Sports Fee 130 410 410 410 130 Meals (11 Months) 550 850 850 850 550 Transport (11 Months) 800 800 800 800 800 Part III Per Year K.G - I II - IV V - VIII IX-X XI Imprest N.A 1000 1000 1000 1000 Quarterly Installment Dates SECOND QUARTER 20th to 30th April THIRD QUARTER 20th to 30th July FOURTH QUARTER 20th to 30th October Fee Rules: 1. The fee has to be paid under two heads. 1. Part I . Admission (One time) 2. Part II. Term Fee (Four installments) 3. Part III. Imprest (Yearly) 2. The fee does not include uniform, books and stationery, or any other expenses of personal nature,including educational trips. 3. Part I and III of the fees along with the first installment of Part II is payable at the time of admission. 4. The imprest amount will take into consideration the expenses related to external examinations, purchase of smaller items, outings, etc. Admissions - Boarding Fee Structure Boarding School (2010-2011) Part I Rs. U.S $ Registration Fee (Non Refundable) 1000 50 Admission Fee (Non Refundable) 35000 1750 Security Deposit (Refundable) 25000 1250 Part II Rs. U.S $ a) Annual Boarding Fee (Includes Tution,Boarding & Meal charges) 175000 8500 b) Pocket Money 13500 270 c) Imprest 20000 1000 Rules: 1. The fee has to be paid under two heads. Part I: At the time of Admission (One time fee) Part II: Annual Fee 2. Part II (a) payment to be paid in two installments. First installment by Mid March and Second installment by Mid September. 3. Part II (b) and (c) have to be paid along withthe first installment in Mid March. 1. Pocket money would cover expenses relating to visit to the Tuck shop and any private/escorted day outings that the child may undertake from school. 2. The imprest amount will take into consideration the expenses related to stationery and toiletries and other comsumables that the child may require during the term. 4. The fee does not include uniform, books and stationery, or any other expenses of personal nature.It also does not include school trips & excursions that might be held during the term. 5. Part I of the fee along with the 1st installment of Part II is payable at the time of admission. However, the Parent may deposit the first installment by mid March 6. All NRI or students of foreign origin will be required to pay in U.S. dollars or equivalent. The Sanskaar Valley School Chandanpura, Bhopal- 462016 Ph: 91-755--3255346,3255347,3255348,3255349 Emails:- School Related Information Admission Related Information Director(Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal) Headmaster Sr School(Dr. Amlan K Saha) Headmistress Jr School(Mrs. Manpreet Bhan) Aadhar Head(Mrs. Neetu Singh) Dean of Studies(Dr. Dillip Panda) Dean of Activity(Mrs. Pratibha Lalwani) Administrator(Mr.Vikram Gupta) Boys Hostel House Master(Mr. Shiv Gaur) Girls Hostel Housemistress(Mrs. Karuna Arya)
Organization of School The School is divided into elementary, junior and senior schools. The elementary school has Neev I-(K.G.I), Neev II-(K.G.II) and Nirmaan (Class I), while the junior school has classes II-V. Senior school has classes VI to X and will go up one class every year to eventually become a K -12 school. Class size are strictly limited to 28 children. Full time co-curricular staff, counsellors and medical staff give full support to a committed, nurturing and dynamic academic faculty. The school is divided into four houses and each child is allotted a house upon joining, as inter-house activities form an important part of the school calendar. While each house symbolizes a "Sanskaar" or an ideal that is both admired and desired in our children, we want our students to graduate from the school having imbibed all four of them. UDYAM Meaning - Action; this house is named after the spirit of ceaseless motion that motivates students towards the discovery and attainment of knowledge. PRAVEER Meaning - Courage; this house hopes to inspire fearlessness in its students to always stand by What is Right. SATYA Meaning - Truth; this is to inspire students towards finding and walking upon the path of Righteousness. PRAGYAN Meaning - Wisdom; this is to inspire students towards attaining wisdom that has been the goal of scholars since time immemorial. Summing up, at The Sanskaar Valley School, students are encouraged to have the wisdom to always take the right action and to have the courage to stand by what is true. BOARD AND CURRICULUM The Sanskaar Valley School offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that falls under the purview of the Indian School Certificate Examination ,which is one of the two recognized and approved All India Board of Secondary Education. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge, local examinations syndicate with the assistance of the inter-state board for Anglo Indian education. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act no. XXI of 1860. The objective of the CISCE syllabus is to equip students with knowledge that would enable them to gain life skills for their personal and professional development and grow into young adults who are aware of their responsibilities towards society. The syllabus is further enriched by teacher-designed worksheets and subject-integrated projects. Emphasis is placed on learning by asking questions, problem solving and through application to ensure that this learning lasts for a lifetime and we aim to make every stage of this process a joyous one. CURRICULUM SUPPORT The entire educational framework including the broad-based and balanced curriculum of the school was provided by The Shriram Educare of The Shriram Schools, Delhi. Workshops have been held on an ongoing basis for Curriculum Development and Classroom Transaction in the last two years by Senior Educationists like John Mason, Bill and Abha Adams, Meenakshi Basu, Arvind Chalasani etc for the staff. The curriculum is designed to encourage exploration; thinking and reinforcement of learning along with developing skills through an inter-disciplinary approach thus, making the teaching -learning process a challenging one. A creative and innovative methodology which reduces stress and makes learning a joy, is the underlying value in designing each lesson plan, related work sheets and project work Academic System - Boarding School A boarding school is a home away from home. Gender specific hostels, one each for the boys and the girls overlook beautiful wooded areas of the reserved forest. The hostels have been designed keeping the safety, security and comfort of the children in mind. The rooms are spacious and airy with adequate natural light. The children are under the care of committed and trained staff ranging from senior faculty to matrons to support staff. Senior faculty would include House masters / House Mistresses and tutors who are responsible for the holistic development of every child with the roles of pastor and counselor combined. The Sanskaar Valley School has a fixed number of day boarding students and boarding school students. A boy girl ratio of 60:40 or vice versa will be maintained. The girls and boys will attend classes and take their meals together. After Class VI, Physical Education classes are conducted separately. Once boarders are back in their respective hostels, there will be no interaction between the two boarding houses. Individual study units are provided for the children (except Classes XI and XII) in designated Prep Rooms. These study units are specially designed to ensure personal privacy, yet they allow adult supervision. A student can keep his / her belongings including books, note books and personal articles in these study units. All boarding houses are wired up through fibre optic cable and CAT 6 cable with wireless access points to allow students use of the latest technology in the form of restricted and safe access to the Internet and our own internal network as an aid to learning, recapitulation and communication. A linen room housed within the building keeps all the uniforms and other extra clothing of every student. The linen room also has a modern state of the art laundry that ensures clean and timely management of student wear. The boarding houses are equipped with common rooms for the students where they can relax to enjoy music or watch television. A range of minor indoor games, reading material and other recreational aids are also available here. Each level of the boarding houses is equipped with filtered cool drinking water and a pantry that is equipped with a refrigerator and facilities to make a small snack for odd hours when a student may be hungry. Services ACADEMIC SUPPORT Academic support is provided through remedial classes to students whose academic needs are too extensive to be provided for in the classroom. Promoting the student's self image will be key to this task. COUNSELLING On-campus counselling is provided to ensure that emotional and psychological health does affect the performance of students. While specific problems are individually addressed and resolved, the counsellor also provides guidance to parents and works towards achieving a harmonious working environment in school. Counselling and dealing with adolescence related issues also forms a major component of this programme. HEALTH CARE At The Sanskaar Valley School, students undergo a thorough medical examination at the start of each academic session and records are maintained and constantly updated. Parents are informed if their children need treatment. Counselling for parents and children as well as regular instruction on fitness, nutrition and first-aid is also provided. Medical camps are organized and check-ups done for oral, dental, Opthalmalogy and genereal health of children on an ongoing basis. MEALS The School provides balanced, wholesome purely vegetarian meals (lunch & snacks) for all the students and staff of the school. Table manners, dining graces and values are reinforced, as children are encouraged to make healthy eating choices. TRANSPORT The Sanskaar Valley School operates a fleet of buses that ply on pre-determined routes through Bhopal. Naturally, we insist that you or someone you trust be there in person to drop off and pick up your child from the bus stop. Our buses are regularly inspected by Quality Controllers and each bus carries a staff member with an on-board phone. Academic System - Teaching Faculty Senior Management Team Director Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal Headmaster Senior School Dr. Amlan K Saha Headmistress Junior School Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Bhan Head of Aadhar Mrs. Neetu Singh Dean of Studies Dr. Dillip Kumar Panda Dean of Activities Mrs. Pratibha Lalwani Pre Primary Staff Ciemeen Waqqas Priya Mishra Anita Dawar Priyanka Parmar Ritu Jain Parul Sehgal Veechi Malviya Rekha Singh Toshika Gupta Varsha Mendiratta Pratiksha Bhawsar Roopali Rajput Rebecca Emmanuel Parul Agarwal Urmimala Mukerjee Roshni Shethe Leena Martin Samra Hamid Vishakha Tiwari Smita Kapoor Muskan Rajani Junior School Staff Arshi Ali Mona Saxena Jaya Chourey Leena Raisinghani Kavita Jain Girija Vasudevan Deepa Bose Jyoti S Pande Joan Devgan Madhuri Umarekar Divya Mirchandani Revthi P. Neelam Tyagi Bharti Kurariya Charu Singh Activity Staff Dharmesh Sharma Neeraj Kalkar Shailendra Yadav Anshuman Bal Anand Das Amit Gajbhiye Indu Singh Nadeem Ahmed Swati Sharma Vandana Asif Sudhir Gupta Somesh Rathore Ruchi Joshi Kalkar Mukesh Kumar Prajapati Abdul Saleem Mahesh Rao Snigdha Sarkar Neeraj Pal Senior School Staff Vanita Saxena Atul Chamoli Sudhir Kumar Nema Manjulata Ojha Karuna Arya Bhupendra Kumar Pandey Lopamudra Majumdar Ganpat S. Pathak Priya Sukhramani Anuradha Dutt Keerti K. Munshi Shiv Gaur Sujata Mandal Dheeraj K. Upadhyay Ayan Pal Sangeeta Atre Srirupa Kundu Sen Swapna Choubey Suresha Dogra Anjana Acharya Jaya Kumar Shawli Saha Kajal Marwaha Rajesh Madhuri Singh Anshuma Shilpi Thadani Atrayee Sengupta Himani Shaila Das Alpa Tukaram Prabhu Mahua Chatterjee Vineeta Chauhan Piyush Vaishnav Rashmi Nair Komal Sharma Sangeeta Atre Sonia Wadhwa Jaya Tripathi Keya Sen

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